About Us

Welcome to Sages Den Books | The Book People

At Sages Den Limited, we are avid readers and a crop of professional “Book People” engaged in scanning, digitizing, and publishing of e-Books. Our Document Scanning Services provide a one-stop eco-friendly paperless environment that promotes an efficient electronic Document Management System in businesses. Our digitizing services turn print and analogue materials into electronic and searchable documents that can be available 366/7/24 on computers, electronic devices, cloud and on the internet. Electronic documents and digital images thus become accessible anywhere, anytime, and whole libraries or mountain of files are made to fit into portable handheld electronic devices and tablets, offering the opportunity of an “everywhere, anytime,” library service.

Our Team

Members of our team are highly qualified and seasoned professionals. They comprise published Authors and avid book lovers that have varied experiences in publishing and editing of books. The team is assisted by tech-savvy computer specialists that utilise state-of -the-art high-tech facilities to deliver efficient publishing services to clients.

Our Philosophy

We strive to create an eco-friendly, paper-free working environment, where students, scholars, researchers, book lovers, law firms, medical institutions, and the general public can archive and retrieve documents digitally, anywhere, and anytime. Our e-Book Services preserve documents making them never to be out of print, and thus immortal. We honour the copyright of authors and publishers and are proud to be called “The Book People.”

Who Uses Our Services

Book Lovers wishing to digitize old, rare and Out-of-Print books, archiving of Medical Records, Libraries, Students who do not want to carry their library of textbooks and hand-outs around on their backpacks, the Private and Public sectors, Legal offices, Authors and Publishers, and the General Public form the core of our valued clients.

Thank you for visiting our website. Tarry awhile and take a closer look around whilst at the Sages Den, a Citadel, where our common good is thirst after knowledge.