Scanning and Digitizing

We scan and digitize the following documents: books; including old and rare books, textbooks, conversion of entire libraries and textbooks into digital format, medical documents, legal documents, office and paper documents, architectural drawings (Up to A3), manuals, accounting ledgers, students’ handouts, Newspapers and magazines, treasured photographs scanned to 600dpi resolution, and on-site scanning for documents that cannot be easily transported. Our fully integrated document management and indexing systems make scanned and digitized documents easily available for downloading. The library of digitized files become available for networking within offices. Indexing of documents for different search terms, file sharing via email and fax are made possible


  • Public and Private Sector Organisations: (Files and Government documents, Tax and Financial Reports, Training materials, presentation documents, authors republishing outdated and rare books for online sale)
  • Medical Institutions: (Medical Reports, Patients and Laboratory medical records, Medical Registers)
  • Schools and Academic Institutions: (Text books, Handouts, Manuals, Course packs, Reports and Academic Research Papers)
  • Law Firms: (Legal and Litigation documents, Legal agreements, General Law Firm documents)
  • International Organisations: ( Brochures, Contract Agreements, Booklets, Project documents)



  • Organizes cluttered office, saves space, and reduces paper pushing;
  • Indexed and digitized files provide instant access to online archived documents;
  • Serves as online backup for critical data;
  • Digital preservation of old, rare, fragile, historical and cultural materials;
  • Improves office efficiency, productivity, and saves costs; and
  • Enables efficient storage and document retrieval process.